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Sending A Parcel

Cartoon Mail : Cartoon cardboard box Stock PhotoThis can seem a little bit complicated but once you have sent the first one you will wonder why you fretted so much at the thought of doing it.

Parcels to Afghanistan and Iraq are freepost using the “enduring free postage” scheme so you know that is a massive bonus not having to spend your money on it. Something for nothing – that’s rare!


The Enduring free packet service has been authorised for Op TELIC, Op HERRICK and HM Ships in Support. The enduring free service is still live and will continue “until further notice”. This facility is not available for companies.


Please note that there is NO Parcel Service to Op TELIC, Op HERRICK and HM Ships in support. However, small boxes can be sent (shoe box size is ideal) as long as they weigh under 2Kgs.

Package size maximum:

length    45cm   width     35 cm       depth    16cm


Weight restrictions vary for ships and overseas stations. So if you are looking to send something to Kenya, Canada or Germany for example, you may want to check the BFPO website for more details


Once you start to make up your parcel then it might be helpful to have a handy and accurate pair of scales to check it before you take it to the post office. Going to the post office and finding its overweight means you have to split it and take something out or return home to re-do it. They are very strict too. I have seen a woman with black tears of mascara rivers streaking her cheeks and a whole queue of people looking at her in dismay – and they still didn’t let her parcel through.


Address the parcel clearly in big letters. On the back write your address very small but this is handy in case your parcel goes astray so that it can be returned to you.  You will be given a customs label to stick on. You have to list the contents on it. If a sticker isn’t available it is perfectly ok to write the contents on the back.


Be sure to pack your parcel securely. You can buy flat pack boxes in the post office though it is better to go into shoe shops and ask for spare shoeboxes. They are approximately the right size and they will be only too willing to give them to you. Wrap your parcel in sturdy brown paper. You don’t want the parcel to burst open because they do get handled roughly.  Make sure the contents are cushioned inside with bubble wrap to prevent items rolling around and breaking or being damaged.

Military aircraft send all parcels and mail. Depending on where you are sending to, your parcel should arrive in two weeks. A week later if the camp is away from the main base. 

See our section NEVER SEND for details on restricted items.


You will be so pleased each time you send a parcel. The items carefully picked by you and so you can imagine how elated the recipient will enjoy delving in and enjoying whatever you have sent. Oh to be a fly on the wall to watch it being opened with face abeam with miles of smiles.

There you go it is so easy peasy to do. When they tell you they have got their parcel then it will make you feel so very happy that you will want to dance around the room.


But if all of that seems a little bit too much or you don’t have time to get to the Post Office then there are specialist companies like THE FORCES STORE that sell a range of pre-packed care packages and gifts at reasonable prices. or an amazing place to go with such a choice is BOX HAPPY so be sure to look at both.


You can also speak to your Welfare Office who will be able to give you all the help you need. Do use them and don’t worry if you feel like your question is too trivial – they will have heard it all before – and will be glad you asked!  


Addressing your mail

Please use the format below:

Service No Rank Name
Operation Name

Please be advised that the Town and Country must not be included in the address.