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What To Send


The best rule of thumb is not to send things that melt easily and take into account that they don’t have a great deal of space to put things. Cans of foods take up a huge amount of space and they weigh a lot. You don’t get many in a 2Kg box.


Never send expensive items as gifts because they easily get broken or lost.


This is the time to let your imagination fly and send things that you spot while out shopping. Obviously you are going to send the usual items but now and again an unexpected surprise can be nice too. Put in jokey, silly and fun stuff as they get loads of laughter from way-out things.  Anything unusual that will put a smile on their faces. Be outrageous with a few of the things you send.

Here are a few ideas:





Crisps, chip sticks, twiglets etc. ,


BISCUITS  Tons to choose from although you may make some of your own. I am such a rubbish cook they wouldn’t have been fit for man nor beast. 


CAKES, be sure not to have sticky ones that melt and always pack them carefully as they break very easily. 




CEREALS, often used to munch through the day. The mini sized is best. 






SWEETS   Be a little selective as chocolate melts in the summer


MINTS and CHEWING GUM   Very handy to pop in a uniform pocket.


TUNA  The ones that have ring pulls for simplicity.


TEA   Send different types as a change.




SPICES/SAUCES  definitely makes their food have an extra zing




DRINK FLAVOURS You can get these sachets in most supermarkets. There are many different flavours to choose from. Did you know that they are recommended to drink 10-15 litres of bottled water every day? They only use bottled for safety. You will be making that a bit tastier. 



These you can get from most chemists. They contain special properties that can prevent the side effects caused by dehydration and are excellent to boost re-hydration. These are very common problems caused by the heat.

Do not buy isotonic drinks as they turn into a horrible type of sticky jelly. This happens to a lot of sweet drinks. It is not wise to send liquid drinks because they weigh so much so that it isn’t worth using them and also they take up a lot of space.  


AFTER SUN CREAM. Getting sunburnt and sore is not only painful but a medical hazard and for some it is necessary to relieve that. You don’t want your darling in pain.  




BABY WIPES. These are a real boon to cool them down or remove sweat and dust. 


HAND HELD FANS. Some have a water-mister.





Shower gel   




Talc and foot talc 

Lots of toiletries are in spray cans or pressurised cans and they are banned so you must get an alternative. E.g. roll on or stick. We can’t have them being smelly. You may be tempted to send them more toiletries than they need and they end up with mountains of them. It is best to ask them if they are running out.




MAGAZINES. These they can read and pass on to their mates as they do with most reading material. 


LOCAL NEWSPAPERS These keep them up to date on what is happening back in their hometown.


BOOKS Send novels and ones of interest. To save money then go to second hand book shops. While browsing you will find ones for yourself. 


PUZZLE BOOKS. Crosswords are quite a favourite. Joke books are sometimes liked.


SPORTS RESULTS .They do get national newspapers out there but they may be interested in their local teams. 


BADGES and FLAGS. Get these of their favourite footy team or other interests.


JOKES. Go to your local joke shop and find daft things to send that they can have a bit of fun with. 




PERSONAL DVD PLAYER/ MINI CD PLAYER. Send the cheapest possible which won’t be cried over if they break or get lost. If you make DVDs of yourself and your family and friends they will be loved to bits. Include ones of babies and toddlers because they grow or learn new things so fast. Their first steps. Birthday Parties, Christmas and anything to give them that vital connection.


BRAIN TRAINER and iPOD to while away those boring hours







PHOTOGRAPHS Plenty of them because they are so special. Its hard to imagine how much they must miss them.  Family and friends and home and garden ones are a favourite.


CHILDRENS DRAWINGS. Send them all your nursery pics or why not let the kids to draw in their own e-blueys and post them themselves.


Write a letter as if it is from the baby or toddler e.g. Hi Daddy, I have grown a lot now because my babygro sleeves don’t cover my hands. Mummy was a bit yawny when I woke her in the night but really Daddy she gave me the biggest cuddles & rocked me back to sleep. I cant wait until you are here to do the same. She always talks lots about you & is always showing me photos of you. So here is a picture of me & mummy. Do you like it? You can see my fingers..look daddy look closely...Aunty Jane took it when she popped in for a cuppa .... Why do you suppose she got grumpy later when I was sick on her new blouse? 



How about finding that unique romantic present. Like owning your own star for example...  is one..... so every night you can look at it together wherever you are in the world. Perhaps also look at  There are many sites where you can buy a star so hunt around and see the site you prefer.


Have a look at our Useful And Hilarious section for some other ideas...........