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Downfalls & Jealousy

You may be alone at home so this is the time to get both families and friends involved with your life. Phone or meet up often. When you are feeling high share your happiness with them and they will do likewise. If you get any contact from your loved one, like a call, bluey or e then let them know. If you have problems then talk them over. Any problem shared is a problem halved.  That is such a true saying.


Try not to get jealous if someone seems to be hearing more often than you. It may be hard but it’s just not worth it. Especially if you are living on the patch – there is always one person parading their lovely stash of blueys or romantic gift. Try not to take any notice of what other people are doing. Don’t get angry if they have had some contact and you didn’t. It is hard but counting mail and point scoring is a complete waste of good energy.


Close and extended family or friends feel as bad as you do so being in the same boat you know how upset they are. There are times when you are desperate to hear and the fact that someone else has had a call can be crushing. Give the same sympathy to them as you need from them. As a parent you have to try to accept that you won’t get as much mail as their husband / wife the children. The key is not to take any of it personally.


JEALOUSY and ARGUMENTS shouldn’t happen and must be nipped in the bud, especially between you, other family and friends. You are all on the same side after all.  


Don’t shut yourself away inside your four walls. Get out and enjoy yourself by meeting up with friends or have times when they come round to see you just like you used to. Being stuck in the chair and feeling sorry for yourself won’t help (although it feels like it does). Sometimes, especially during the winter months, it’s very easy to get home, draw the curtains and become a bit of a recluse. Just watch for that downward spiral and try to be optimistic.


And keep away from all those show-offs with all the mail!