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The Final Countdown

This is where it all gets very exciting! Depending on your own personal chuff chart, you will soon be approaching (and we sing with our best Europe 80’s mullets) ...... the FINAL COUNTDOWN.


Your emotions will be on full power as you begin to plan your long awaited homecoming. You will think about the whole event over and over again – as, quite understandably, you want everything to be absolutely perfect.


By this time all your life now will revolve around it with a myriad of extreme emotions. Lots of mood swings both high and low. Prepare to start behaving like a silly schoolgirl. Chattering it through continually with whoever will listen!


Yes they are so nearly home. Your calendar will be looking rather tatty by now or the sweet jar is nearly empty. Your head will be abuzz.  FINALLY is the light at the end of the tunnel.


So you start to get ready to meet them. For us girls, the first thing is the matter of clothes. It doesn’t matter that you are not even going to the airport, because it’s all the same thing but wow amidst all the other families feeling just like you. What an atmosphere that will be. 


It’s the outfit that makes them see what they have been missing for six months but without turning up looking like you are about to go clubbing. Have it the every day homely look because after all they are coming home back to the people who love them the most....YOU


The trick is to wear the sort of style you normally wear and feel most comfy in. You will probably do a few test runs looking at yourself in every mirror - just to be sure that you are looking good. Funnily enough; what you wear will only really matter to you, because they won’t care if you turn up in a bin liner.


Decorate the house in some way with a few balloons. A couple of “Welcome Home” banners might add a special touch too. They certainly make the neighbours stop and say “awwwww”.  Put as much or as little into it as you want. Or maybe you just want your homecoming to be a private affair. Whatever you decide will be just right.


The thing that is the most difficult to deal with - is the thought of your “intimate reunion”. And that starts with that first meeting of eyes when you pick them up, the simultaneous look at the floor and perhaps the slight embarrassment of knowing you are just about to spend the night with a practical stranger. It’s been a long time since you have seen each other, a long time since you have kissed; no matter how close you are - it’s going to be weird.  Will he still want me? type of thoughts. Lots of "WHAT IF" doubts. You have felt like this many times throughout the tour. Your head is abuzz with ideas. 


Children love to get involved so why not get them to help with preparations from start to finish because after all its a huge exciting time having Daddy back soon. 


Why not get or make an iced cake with a  “Welcome” message or perhaps get a little model of a soldier to put on it or something appropriate for them. Make it into a fun cake to make everyone smile. It has to show all the love and excitement you both have been bottling up for all these months.


Go shopping and get them all their favourite food and drink. If you practised your cookery for something new then you can show off just how clever you are. If you prefer things to be simple  then decide to get a Chinese or Indian, get a bottle of wine so you can  turn the lights down and  plonk yourselves down in front of the tv !