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Never Send!

 There are a number of restrictions on what you can send using the British Forces Post Office service. Some are blatantly obvious but some are less so.




Bladed items e.g. Knives, cut throat razors etc

Flammable Liquids (Some of the above carry very heavy fines. These parcels will be destroyed)


Pressurised canisters (toiletries are often in these)

Aerated Drinks (they have the danger of exploding en route. The cargo hold is not stable so don’t risk it)

Perishable Foods

Any kind of explosives Examples: Nitro-glycerine; Fireworks; Blasting Caps; Christmas Cracker Snaps; Party poppers; Ignitors; Fuses; Flares; Ammunition, etc.

Toxic Substances

Lottery Tickets


It’s useful to remember that all parcels are X rayed and customs have the right to open parcels at random.


The BFPO website has a complete list and if you are at all unsure then check on their website.