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Chat With Care

Cartoon Hush : Emoticon making silence sign 

When you talk on the phone there are certain things that shouldn’t be discussed. I know it sounds dramatic but our enemies (for want of a better word) have the technology to listen in to our calls and so it’s vital that you don’t give away any information no matter how small it is. Careless talk can be very dangerous.




Stick to those rules and you will be fine. It is harder than you think as we do want to know what they have been doing and what is going on – it’s a way of feeling close to them.


This goes for any chat rooms too. And social network sites like Facebook are brilliant to keep you sane in the evening when you are home alone – just be really careful what you put on your status (and what pics you upload).  


If you ever receive a suspicious call then let your Welfare Office know or contact your main service  Welfare support number and let them know.