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Welfare Help

Army Welfare Service

Much of the support available to Army personnel and their families is given through the Army Welfare Service (AWS), a professional and confidential welfare support service for servicemen and women and their families, wherever they are located.


The AWS can be contacted at:


The Army Welfare Information Service,

HQ Land Forces,

Louisburg Block,

Erskine Barracks,



SP2 0AG.


Tel: 01722 436569

Fax: 01722 436307



The email address “ cease to exist by March 31st 2010, please use the new e-mail address of:


Should you wish to contact the AWIS direct, call (mil) 94331 2569 or (civ) 01722 436569


Chaplaincy Support

Chaplaincy support is available for all family members of service personnel and those dealing with casualties.  This support is confidential and outside of the Chain of Command.  Chaplains provide support to all regardless of faith and can be contacted via the unit. If you wish to contact a Chaplain please email:

(NPFS & RMW) Naval Personal Family Service & Royal Marines Welfare

NPFS & RMW support Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel and their families by helping to prevent or reduce the effects of personal difficulties, especially those which arise as a result of Service life. An understanding of the complexities of Service life and its effects are central to the understanding and ethos of the agency.


NPFS & RMW is staffed by Service people and civilians from a variety of specialisations and offers advice, counselling and advocacy on a wide variety of issues.


NPFS & RMW have three main offices in the UK. Where the serving person’s next of kin resides determines which office to contact.


The contact details for NPFS & RMW offices are as follows:


Eastern Area Office - HMS NELSON

Tel:  023 9272 2712  - After Hours  023 9272 6159


Western Area Office - HMS DRAKE

Tel:  01752 555041  - After Hours  01752 555220


Northern Area Office - Helensburgh

Tel:  01436 672798  - After Hours  01436 674321  (Ext: 4005)


Out of working hours, urgent enquiries are normally dealt with by the Officer of the Watch / Duty Naval Base Officer of the main shore establishment. They will pass your information to the Duty NPFS & RMW Staff member to action as necessary.

RAF Welfare Support

For the families of those serving in the RAF there seems to be lots of different organisations that seem to focus on different things, rather than one all-encompassing point of contact. 


If you need help or advice, then the best ones are probably the The RAF Families Federation which really focuses on voicing the concerns of families to the RAF hierarchy, but it's website has lots of useful information and contacts; and RAFCOM, "the RAF Community Support Website" which also has lots of useful pointers to other websites and agencies, depending on what the problem is.


RAF Regiment

When the RAF Regiment go on tour because they are an active service unit like the Marines for the Navy etc, as well as the sites mentioned above, each Squadron operates its own micro site and they also operate a welfare call system. This means that a welfare officer from the camp at which they are based will contact the next of kin as identified by the service person once a month to give an update of what has been going on or 'sitrep’ as they call it.