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How To Use The Chat Room

Welcome to the Forces Chatter (FC) Chat room

In order to help make your first chat room visit enjoyable, follow our simple instructions. 


The Chat Room


Once you have clicked on Chat Room, you will be asked for a User Name. Please enter a unique name for your chat session and then select the Connect button. If your name is being used by another chatter, please Cancel and try another unique name.  There is no need to register any information. Just come in and start chatting.


The FC Chat Window

Forces Chatter Chat Room Window


NOTE: In this example there are 2 chatters displayed in the room under User Info window.


At the bottom of the page you will see a yellow panel. This is where you type anything that you want to say and then click on the SEND button.


Text Buttons:

The first 3 buttons change the look of your text.

1.            Bolds your text

2.            Italic your text

3.            Colour window – changes the colour of your text


Facial Expression Button:

The face button opens into a window with a small selection of facial expressions. If you select any face or expression, it will attached special code to the end of your text in your text entry window. The face will be converted and displayed to other chatters if you either hit the return key or send button.


Floating Chat Button

Floating Chat Button:  The first button with the multi directional arrows allows you to open a floating chat window. This is a wonderful feature that allows you to move your chat window any place on the screen. It makes the chat room self contained and completely visible.  You do not have to scroll up and down to view chatter information.


Private Chat

If you want to start a private chat with someone then double click on their name in the user panel or click on their names within the main chat panel, the select “Private Chat”


This is a public chat room and everyone is welcome.  

But please remember that not everyone is a supporter of our Armed Forces so never give out personal al details about you or your family.  

See our Chat With Care section for more details.