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Computer Contact

Cartoon Computer : Laptop Cartoon Character Holding A GlobeHaving a computer is really worth its weight in gold. A computer can be used in so many ways to get you through this trying time. This enables you to email them while they are away, not to mention using it to keep you busy at night, using Facebook, Chat Rooms and well, anything that helps.


For our troops, most camps have computers apart from a few FOBs that unfortunately don’t. Some places even have wireless facilities so check before they go and make sure you have your Skype / MSN set up.


As you can imagine, in some far flung operational bases, the central computers are not state of the art with them being used so often and by so many! They are overused, but they work pretty well, all things considered. Sometimes they will have to book a time slot to use them as they are in great demand or they can take potluck that one is free. Have your fingers crossed that there will be times when it can be used when nobody else wants to use it.


The time may be at some unearthly hour due to time zones or because of the ability to only fit it in when they finish a late work shift or begin an early one. This is a huge determining factor that could mean it will be at various times and not on a regular basis. It could be halfway through the night. It’s not ideal but well worth breaking up your nights sleep. Everything is worth waiting for at any time even if you are yawning your head off.


Try and keep in contact using as many different methods as possible, it will make a massive difference to how they are feeling. There are so many to ways to choose from now, emails, sykpe, calls, eblueys, parcels, radio, so even if you are not brilliant on the computer, there should be something for you.


If you don’t have a computer at home then pop along to your Welfare Office who will be able to help you, or try a local Internet Café. You can buy computer access for a couple of pounds.


Being a Mum I got brilliant emails but they were rather short.  Still, although they were only a few sentences long they meant the world to me. They put me on cloud 9. Lengthwise it didn’t matter because it meant that I knew from each one, how my son was and how life was treating him. All of his ups and downs were apparent. Believe it or not some funny situations that made me laugh. I don’t know how other Mums would accept this reduced communication but in my case it didn’t bother me at all. I was just glad to hear from him which is the most important thing. That is what counts. I am sure you agree.