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At first glance it may seem that people talk in code in chat rooms. That’s not the case; it’s just that it’s quick to use abbreviations. Here are some of the most common. It’s really easy to pick up and if you don’t understand an Abbreviation then just ask what it means.


Happy Chatting!



AFK        Away from keyboard

AKA       Also know as

ASAP     As soon as possible

A/S/L     Age/sex/location

B4           Before

BBL         Be back later

BRB        Be right back

BTW       By the way

CUZ        Because

FAQ       Frequently asked questions

FYI          For your information

IDK         I don't know

J/K          Just kidding

K             OK

L8R         Later

LOL         Laugh out loud

M/F        Male or female

MSG       Message

OIC         Oh I see

P2P        Person to person

PLZ         Please

PM         Private message

ROFL      Rolling on the floor laughing

SYL         See you later

TGIF       Thank goodness it's Friday

THX        Thanks

TTYL       Talk to you later