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Picking Them Up

The day comes. Phew, the one that seemed to take forever. The day you thought would never come around. You have done it; you are going to collect them.


Finally, the roller coaster has stopped for you to get off for a while. Make sure you have the date and time right for your meeting point. You can’t go there at the wrong time….as if you would.


You may not be going to pick your loved one up so the first time you will see them is when they walk up the garden path. Either way that moment is just as elating, happy and exciting. No difference there. All of those months apart drop away from your thoughts and now you see them for the first time since the day they left. Wow, how’s that for an experience. Various emotions will flow through you both.


Either way – for the short term at least - you can breathe again.


At the end of a tour you can rarely pick them up at the airport so it’s worth double checking where you can collect them from as sometimes they have work to complete in the UK before coming home (equipment to check in etc).


Picking Up From RAF Brize Norton

Although you will be informed of the expected times of arrival these details can change at the last minute, or significant delays incurred at very short notice. It is also normal practice for flights to depart Theatre during night hours and therefore most flights will be expected back into the UK early in the morning. Transport is usually provided back to the Unit. It is suggested this is used wherever possible.


If you wish to collect directly from Brize Norton, the postcode for the airport is OX18 3LX. It is useful to know this so that you can programme it into a Sat Nav.


You will not be allowed access into the airport more than 2 hours in advance of the aircraft landing under any circumstances. This remains even if the flight is delayed.


In order to get through security at RAF Brize Norton you MUST show two official UK IDs such as a driving licence or Passport with your photo and another that doesnt need your photo. You must also give details of the passenger you are meeting, including the location their flight is coming from. You will then be issued with an entry pass and directed to the Air Terminal. Failure to produce these ID’s will result in access being denied. You certainly want to be in there to throw yourself into each other’s arms with unclenching hugs the moment after they step off the plane.


There is a small shop and a coffee shop area, but the opening hours are limited. Parking is free.


To confirm the progress of the flight so that you know things are running to schedule then check by contacting Brize Norton Passenger Information Desk on 01993 896050


If you can, why not book a B&B for the night before for convenience and to give you a breather from your journey getting there.