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To Work or Not To Work

How are you supposed to keep a career going when you are moving all the time?


It’s extremely difficult to keep working when you have given up your entire life to follow your spouse around the world. It actually feels very unfair at times – especially those times when you have just been moved to a new home and they get sent away!


Where do you even find the time to look for a job? And who is going to employ you anyway – you will probably be moving again soon.


According to the National Statistics, 7.8% of people were unemployed. With your complicated home life, what chance do you have?


The answer is, plenty, it may not seem like it, but it is possible to juggle it all!


Staying at Home

If you are lucky enough not to have to work, then your choices are much easier, the pressure is off.


Staying at home does not mean endless days of manicures and “lunching”, it can be very difficult to be at home with the children on your own, particularly if your partner is away and you are dealing with everything all day every day.


It doesn’t mean you are not working – oh boy will you will be putting the hours in – it just means that you are not earning.


Help yourself out by getting involved in lots of clubs and activities with other parents. Your local HIVE will be able to give you loads of information on local activities.


Getting A Job

The first thing you need to do before you start looking for a job is to ask yourself a few questions:


·         What skills do you have?

·         What job best suits your skills?

·         Do you have an up-to-date CV?

·         Are there any local courses that will help you get a job?

·         What support does your Welfare office offer?

·         Do you know which of your local papers are best for job listings?

·         Are you confident enough to try searching online?

·         How am I going to manage my childcare?


Once you have established the type of job you want and have your CV up to date then you can begin your search


·         Check your local papers

·         Check your local newsagents boards

·         Check with your partners work (there are always admin jobs going)

·         Check with your friends who are working (there may be other jobs)

·         Check through your local employment agencies

·         Check online through recruitment websites


Don’t be shy! Go for anything you fancy.

And if you fancy working for a particular company but they are not listing any jobs then don’t be frightened to call or write to their personnel office will your CV. You never know, something may come up.


If you don’t have accesses to a computer then speak to your welfare office who will be able to help you.


Useful websites


New Deal

New Deal is a programme that gives people on benefits the help and support they need to look for work, including training and preparing for work. Eligibility for New Deal is generally based on how long someone has been unemployed and claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA). In some cases early access to New Deal can be agreed.

Under certain conditions, the partners of serving or formerly serving members of the Armed Forces are eligible for early access to New Deal.


Job Centre Plus has the largest number of jobs listed in the UK and a comprehensive job seeking tool kit. It’s really worth a look.


Starting Your Own Business

For some, one answer is to start your own business, something that you will be able to move with you.


Before you do anything, you really need to decide whether you have what it takes to set up a new business (and be honest with yourself).

If you think you do, then you will need to:



Nobody says it will be easy, but running your own business can be extremely rewarding. Before you started, get as much information as you can. Visit some of the websites listed below and think very carefully about how much you are willing to invest (which could mean, how much are you willing to lose) and prepare yourself to invest some blood, sweat and tears!