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AAAW - Advanced Anti-Armour Weapon

AAC - Army Air Corps

AAR - Air to Air Refuelling

AAW - Anti-Air Warfare

AB - Airborne

ABLE - Automotive Bridge Launching Equipment

Ac - Aircraft

ACC - Aldershot Concrete Commandos, Andy Capps Commandos, Any Cnut can Cook

Accn - Accommodation

ACCS - Air Control and Command Systems

ACE - Allied Command Europe

ACLANT - Allied Command North Atlantic

ACOS - Assistant Chief of Staff

ACV - Armoured Command Vehicle

AD - Air Defence/Air Dispatch/Army Department

ADA - Air Defended Area

ADAD -Air Defence Alerting Device

Adjt - Adjutant

Admin - Administration

admin O - Administrative Order

ADP - Automatic Data-Processing

ADR - Airfield Damage Repair

AEW - Airborne Early Warning

AFCENT                - Allied Forces Central European Theatre

AFNORTHWEST - Allied Forces Northwestern Europe

AFSOUTH -Allied Forces Southern Europe

AFV - Armoured Fighting Vehicle

AFV - Armoured Fighting Vehicle

AGC - Adjutant General's Corps

AGC - Alf Garnet's Commandos

AGHW - All Gone Horribly Wrong

AHQ - Air Headquarters

AIFV - Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle

AIRCENT - Allied Air Forces Central Europe

Airmob - Airmobile

AJT - Advanced Jet Trainer

ALARM - Air-Launched Anti-Radiation Missile

AM - Airbus Military

AMF(L) - Allied Mobile Force (Land Element)

AMRAAM - Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile

AMS - Army Medical Services

DGAMS - Director-General, Army Medical Services

QARANC - Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps

RAMC - Royal Army Medical Corps

2IC -Second In Command

7p's - Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents a Pretty Poor Performance

ACE - Allied Command Europe

ACV - Armoured Command Vehicle

Adjt - Adjutant

AFCENT - Allied Forces Central European Theatre

AFV - Armoured Fighting Vehicle

AMF - Allied Mobile Force

AP - Armoured Piercing or Ammunition Point

APC - Armoured Personnel Carrier

APO - Army Post Office

Armd - Armoured

ARRC - Allied Rapid Reaction Corps

ARV - Armoured Recovery Vehicle

ASC - Army Service Corps

BRCS - British Red Cross Society

QAIMNS - Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service

VAD - Voluntary Aid Detachment

WAAC - Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps

Wilco - Will Comply: Used To Be Used In RAF Communications

ANGLS - Autonomous Navigation And Gun Laying System

AOC - Air Officer Commanding

AP - Armour-Piercing/Ammunition Point/Air Publication

APC - Armoured Personnel Carrier

APDS - Armour-Piercing Discarding Sabot

APO - Army Post Office

APS - Auto Pointing System

ARAB - Arrogant Regular Army Bastard (cf. STAB)

ARBS - Angle Rate Bombing System

Armd - Armoured

Armr - Armour

ARRC - Allied Rapid Reaction Corps

ARRF - Allied Rapid Reaction Forces

Arty - Artillery

ARV - Armoured Recovery Vehicle  

ASACS - Air Surveillance & Control System

ASAP - As Soon As Possible

ATGW - Army Tank Guided Weapon

Att - Attached

AWOL - Absent Without Leave

AWACS - Airborne Warning And Control Systems

BAOR - British Army of the Rhine

Battle Bowlers - What the QAs of World War Two nicknamed their tin hats

Bde - Brigade

BFG - British Forces Germany

BFPO - British Forces Post Office

BG - Battle Group

BGHQ - BattleGroup Headquarters

Bimbling - To Walk Or Do Something Slowly

Blag - To acquire something

BMH - British Military Hospital

Bn - Battalion

Bootneck - A Royal Marine Commando

BRSC - British Rear Support Command

Bty - Battery

Buzzes or Buzz - Gossip or Rumours

CAD - Central Ammunition Depot

Cam - Camouflaged

Cas - Casualty

Casevac - Casualty Evacuation

CCP - Casualty Collecting Point

CCS - Casualty Clearing Station

CGS - Chief of the General Staff

CinC - Commander in Chief

CO - Commanding Officer

Comd - Command or Commander

Comms Z - Communications Zone

Compo - Composite Ration (also called comp rat)

COMSEN- Communications Centre

Coord - Co-ordinate

CoS - Chief of Staff

Coy - Company

CP - Command Post or Close Protection

CPO - Chief Petty Officer (Navy Rank) or Command Pay Office

CQMS - Company Quartermaster Sergeant

Crabs - The slang name for the RAF

C Sups - Combat Supplies

Cr?pHat - Insert An a - The Slang That Paratroopers Call Every regiment Or Corps That Does Not Wear A Maroon Beret

CV - Combat Vehicles

CVD - Central Vehicle Depot

CVR (T) or (W) - Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) or (Wheeled)

CW - Chemical Warfare

Def - Defence

Det - Detached

DF - Defensive Fire

Dml - Demolition

DS - Directing Staff (also called DiStaff)

DTG - Date Time Group

Ech - Echelon

EDP - Emergency Defence Plan

Emb - Embarkation

EMP - Electro Magnetic Pulse

En - Enemy

EOD - Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Eqpt - Equipment

ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival

EW - Electronic Warfare or Early Warning

Ex - Exercise

FAC - Forward Air Controller

Fat Albert - The nickname for the Hercules plane of the RAF

FEBA- Forward Edge Battle Area

FLET- Forward Location Enemy Troops

FLOT- Forward Location Own Troops

Fmm - Formation

FOB - Forward Operating Base

FOO- Forward Observation Officer

FRT- Forward Repair Team

FUP - Forming Up Point (or Position)

Gat - A Gun Usually A Rifle

GDP- General Defence Plan

GOC- General Officer Commanding

GPMG - General Purpose Machine Gun

GPS - Global Positioning System

Greenfly - The nickname of the British Army Intelligence Corps

Grunt - Slang Word For An Infantryman

Hack It - To endure or to do something

HE - High Explosive

HEAT - High Explosive Anti Tank

Hel - Helicopter

Hurry Up And Wait - The Phrase That Describes The Long Waits In Army Life

HVM - Hyper Velocity Missile

II - Image Intensifier

Int Sum - Intelligence Summary

IO - Intelligence Officer

IR - Individual Reservist

IS - Internal Security

IW - Individual Weapon

Jack - To Be Selfish

Jacked - To Give Up

Jankers - Be on a charge or in the camp jail

JFHQ - Joint Forces Headquarters

JHQ - Joint Headquarters

L of C - Lines of Communications

LO - Liaison Officer

Log - Logistic

LRATGW - Long Range Anti Tank Guided Weapon

LSDI - Large Scale Deliberate Intervention

LSW - Light Support Weapon

LUP - Lying Up Point

MBT - Main Battle Tank

Mech - Mechanised

Med - Medical

MFC - Mortar Fire Controller

MML - Manual of Military Law

MO - Medical Officer

Mob - Mobilisation

MOD - Ministry of Defence

Mov O - Movement Order

MP - Military Police

Msl - Missile

NAAFI - Navy Army and Air Force Institutes

NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

NBC - Nuclear Biological and Chemical

NCO - Non Commissioned Officer

NOK - Next of Kin

NTR - Nothing To Report

Nugget - A Polite Way Of Calling Someone An Idiot!

NYK - Not Yet Known

OC - Officer Commanding

O Group - Order Group

OIC - Officer in Charge

OOTW - Operations Other Than War

OP - Observation Post

Op O - Operation Order

Oppo - Best Friend

OR - Other Ranks (Often mistakenly taken to mean Ordinary Ranks)

Or Bat - Order of Battle

Pax - Passengers

POETS Day - Push Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday

P Info - Public Information

Pl - Platoon

POL - Petrol Oil and Lubricants

POM - Potential Officer Material

Pongos - Slang name for the army. I think this army abbreviation or rather nickname comes from the phrase where the army goes the pong goes.

POW - Prisoner of War

PVR - Premature Voluntary Release

QM - Quartermaster

RAF - Royal Air Force

RAP - Regimental Aid Post or Rocket Assisted Projectile

RCZ - Rear Combat Zone

Recce - Reconnaissance

Regt - Regiment

Rft - Reinforcement

RHIP - Rank Has Its Privileges

RHQ - Regimental Headquarters

RJDF - Rapid Joint Deployment Force

RMA - Royal Military Academy or Rear Maintenance Area

ROE - Rules Of Engagement

RTM - Ready To Move

RTU - Returned or Return to Unit

Rupert or Rodney - The Slang Name For An Officer, Usually One Of Low Rank Or New To The Service

SACUER -Supreme Allied Commander Europe

SADO - Senior Administrative Officer

SatCom -Satellite Communications

Scran or Scoff - Food

Scratcher - An army abbreviation for bed or place to sleep especially in the field

SDR -Strategic Defence Review

SHAPE -Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe

SIB -Special Investigation Branch

Sit -Situation

SitRep -Situation Report

SLR - Self Loading Rifle

SMG-Sub Machine Gun

SNCO - Senior Non Commissioned Officer

SP - Self Propelled or Start Point

Sprog - A recruit or someone who has newly passed out and is new to a unit

Sqn - Squadron

Squaddie - Slang Word For A Soldier

SSM - Surface to Surface Missile

SSVC - Services Sound and Vision Corporation

STOL - Short Take Off and Landing

TA - Territorial Army

TAB - Tactical Advance to Battle

Tac - Tactical

TCP - Traffic Control Point

TCV - Troop Carrying Vehicle

Tgt - Target

Tk - Tank

TOT - Time On Target

Tp - Troop

Tpt - Transport

Two i/c - Second In Command

UKMF - United Kingdom Mobile Force

Unclass - Unclassified

UNPROFOR - United Nations Protection Force

UXB - Unexploded Bomb

U/S - Unserviceable

VCDS - Vice chief of the Defence Staff

VCP - Vehicle Check Point

Veh - Vehicle

VP - Voice Procedure

WE - War Establishment

A Wet - A Cup Of Tea Or Coffee

Whitecap - Royal Air Force (RAF) Policeman

WIMP - Whinging Incompetent Malingering Person

Wksp - Workshop

Yomp or Tab - March Across Hills With Full Kit And Weapon At A Fast Pace