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Gurkha Welfare

The Gurkhas are an important part of the British Army and the British Armed Forces.


A Bit of Background

 In recent times, Gurkhas have served in the Falklands and Gulf Wars, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Peacekeeping missions have taken them to Kosovo, Bosnia, East Timor and Sierra Leone.


They are renowned for their loyalty, professionalism and bravery.

Becoming a Gurkha is a matter of great pride. Tens of thousands of young nepalese men apply, but few are accepted.


The Gurkha “family” is extremely strong and community support among the wives is visible to anyone spending any time around them. They really look after each other.


The majority of Gurkhas are either Hindu or Buddhist, and the Regiment observes the appropriate religious festivals. The most notable in the annual calendar is Dasain, which is a major event with long established and colourful rituals and traditions.


HM Forces Immigration Rule

With the introduction of the new HM Forces Immigration Rule in October 2004, significant numbers of retired Gurkhas became entitled to live and work in the UK.


This created the need for a welfare structure for those who might fall on hard times. The Army Benevolent Fund, The Royal British Legion, SSAFA-Forces Help and other service charities all pledged to assist Gurkhas in the same way as they support British ex-servicemen.


The Brigade Secretariat in HQ Brigade of Gurkhas took on a coordinating role and, in April 2007, opened the Gurkha Welfare Support Office in Aldershot as a forward operating base. The Gurkha Welfare Trust, while continuing to concentrate on its vital work alleviating hardship and distress in Nepal, is making annual grants to the Army Benevolent Fund for welfare in the UK.            


Contact Details

Brigade Welfare Officer - Capt Mahendra Limbu

Tel: 01252 355127 or 94222 8127 Mil

Assistant Brigade Welfare Officer - Mr Tulbahadur Gurung

Tel/Fax: 01252 355128 or 94222 8128 Mil


Postal address:

Gurkha Welfare Support Office
New Normandy Barracks
Evelyn Woods Road

GU11 2LZ 




Gurkhas Welfare Trust

Providing financial medical and community aid to alleviate hardship and distress among Gurkha ex-servicemen of the British Crown